vom Wüstenjäger

Deutsch Kurzhaar - Versatile German Shorthair Hunting Companions

First and foremost, we are hunters. 

Lisa grew up hunting with her parents and sister hunting behind Llewellyn Setters and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. While Lisa never carried a gun until hunting as an adult, watching the dogs work was her passion. 

Wayne grew up hunting without dogs for the most part with only a few experiences behind field trial English Pointers. He describes these as hunting at great distances from the gun and solid pointers once they found a bird. Wayne did not really find these dogs "fun" to hunt behind.

Why German Short-hair?
Once Lisa and Wayne were married a while, Wayne started looking online at several different hunting dog breeds. One day he hit upon the German Shorthair breed, a breed that Lisa was familiar with and attracted to due to it's loyalty to owner and family as well as it's ability in the field. Lisa bought Wayne his first shorthair Jake. 

German Club, German Dogs, System for Testing & Breeding Quality Dogs
We are active and committed life paid members of the North American Deutsch Kurzhaar Club (NADKC). We are committed to the betterment of the DK breed and the German testing system. 

Due to our strong belief in the Deutsch Kurzhaar and JGHV system of testing and breeding, Lisa went on to apprentice under the NADKC to become a JGHV judge in the German testing system. This goal was completed and Lisa has been judging since 2011.

This is a system that maintains the integrity of the breed through testing and registration requirements. To learn more about the testing and breeding regulations of the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband (DKV) & NADKC there is an excellent resource on the NADKC website.

Questions? Contact Us
If you have questions about our DK's, please feel free to email us.

How we started in DK
We attended all events of the Western Region of the NADKC in 2005, Mock Derby, Derby, Mock Solms, & Solms/AZP/HZP. We learned a lot about the tests and the dogs through watching one year prior to obtaining our first pup. In a visit with Rob Engelking we discussed our desire to obtain a pup in late 2005 and learned of the X litter vom Riverwoods. December 23rd, 2005 we picked up Xantara at the Spokane International Airport.

On August 5th, 2006, we brought home our 2nd DK from Rob and Willy Engelking! Since that time we have had several other DK's in our home and continue to enjoy the breed as well as the German testing based system.