vom Wüstenjäger

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Zwinger vom Wüstenjäger

H Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Planned Breeding February 2023

Sire: Bentley vom Adlertal

Dam: Bree vom kleinen Fluss

G Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Whelped 12/07/2021

Sire: Charger vom Wüstenjäger

Dam: Bree vom kleinen Fluss

"F" Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Whelped 03/06/2021

8 male - 5 female

Dam: Bree vom kleinen Fluss
Sire: Charger vom Wüstenjäger

"E" Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Whelped 02/02/2020

5 male - 3 female

Dam: Cora vom Wüstenjäger
Sire: Uranus vom Kronsberg

"D" Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Whelped 3/22/2019

5 male - 2 female

Dam: Cora vom Wüstenjäger
Sire: Xam II vom Entenpfuhler Forst

"C" Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Whelped May 3rd, 2012
6 Males - 3 Females
Dam: Orie vom Riverwoods
Sire: Artus von der Riverfields

"B" Litter vom Wüstenjäger

Whelped Oct 1st, 2010
Dam: Xantara vom Riverwoods
Sire: Quickstep vom Hege Haus
4 female pups

Whelped March 1st, 2009
Dam: Xantara vom Riverwoods
Sire: Zunder vom Wittekind
7 male & 3 female pups
Black/White and Liver/White


Please contact us for purchase price. 
A deposit holds your place on choice of sex. We don't accept deposits based on color alone, but we do try to get people a pup of the color they desire.

We are accept deposits for planned breedings. Contact us for availability.
If we are not able to provide you the sex your deposit reserved, we will give you the choice of a pup of the other sex (if available-or as agreed upon at time of deposit), refund your deposit, or place it on a future litter if you prefer. We don't breed regularly, so we will let you know if we don't have any current plans and will suggest a refund is best at that time. 
To place a deposit, contact us for availability and then download and complete one of the documents below.
Contact us for a puppy purchase agreement in MS Word Document.
If you have troubles with these documents, please contact us at vom Wüstenjäger.

Our Commitment To You & Your New Pup:

We have 100+ acres here at the house which you are welcome to use for training your new pup.
We are also willing to answer questions, and help you obtain training birds & rabbits.
For those who are not close enough to utilize our place, we will try to
help you link up with someone in your area to train with.

We are committed to the DK and the testing of our DK pups. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call Wayne cell (509) 778-1198 or Lisa cell (509) 778-1794 or email.

What We Ask Of You:

It is our desire that the pups we sell be tested in the DKV / DKGNA / NADKC. We will do everything in our power to assist our puppy buyers to see that they are successful with this endeavor. We ask that you commit to these minimum testing requirements. That you expose your puppy to field searches, plenty of birds, and fur drags.

If you will commit to this minimum testing you will walk away from it with a first class hunting companion!