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A special tribute to “Charlie” aka Asti vom Wüstenjäger:

3/1/2009 to 3/27/2022

 Charlie, I can only say how much I love and miss you.  From day one you stole my heart.  I thought I knew how to hunt but obviously you showed me a better way.  When we were training I always assumed I was training you however I now realize that you were training me! 

All the pheasant hunts we had with the other hunting guides that brag about their dogs until you showed them up at the end of the day.  We always said don’t brag about your dog until after the hunt.  The duck hunts with you drooling with ducks on the pond so much I had to unload my gun to hold you back!  I tried to explain to you that those ducks were not in season, not sure why you didn’t get that one? 

You really loved the water from retrieving every stick in the water to swimming every chance you had.  The waves were absolutely your favorite whether it was the Great Lakes to the Outer Banks of NC.  You never passed up a good wave to dive into.  I told you not to drink the saltwater!  Guess you had to figure that one on your own.

Every hunting trip you were ready to go. The “on-point” poses were my favorite to watch. How steady and impressive you looked. Running at full throttle and locking up in a dead stop to point that bird. The guide was pretty impressed!

We traveled a lot and you were always excited about a new destination exploring new areas and leaving your mark more than once!  We met a lot of friends and family and they all loved you.  A true German dog that would always shame everyone to give you a drink of beer!  

I miss your bark, I miss your footsteps across the deck, I miss you every day.

I love my Charlie boy!

Rest in peace my friend.  I will always love you!

Chad Shields

Xantara vom Riverwoods

Mother of: 

Orie vom Riverwoods

Amber vom Wustenjager

Grandmother of:

Cora vom Wustenjager

Orie vom Riverwoods

Mother of: 

Cora vom Wustenjager

Alexus vom Riverwoods 

Lovingly known as "Tiny"

Tiny was never bred and was spade due to her poor conformation. Her hunting ability, desire, and drive was not hindered by her physique however!! She was a loving member of the family and is greatly missed.