vom Wüstenjäger

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Orie vom Riverwoods 

D1 4h Search - "Suchen Sieger", S1 - "Suchen Sieger",  SG(J), HD A1

NAVHDA - NA Prize I (110 Points)

Xantara vom Riverwoods    D1(J), SG2(J), Solms I, VGP I, HN, LN, HD     Frei, V1
Rocky KS von Neuarenburg   D1(J*), S1(J), VGP1 321P., VJP 74P., KS V3, HN, VBR, LN, SJ, SW 1,1, HD-A1, Fw. V


Pictured with Nancy Schneider at the NADKC Western Region Derby and Zuchtschau April 2009. Thank you Nancy for handling Orie in the Zuchtschau for us!


2010 Training for VGP

Working Orie with a very large raccoon for the fox/coon drag and fox/coon over an obstacle with a very large coon! Orie is a highly cooperative dog that is extremely willing and capable at any task she is given.

Orie is also working on blood tracking for both the VGP as well as the 20 hour blood track to be run in August.


Solms Test September 2009

Moscow, Idaho

Out of 11 dogs tested that weekend Orie was the highest scoring "suchen sieger" dog. 


Duck Retrieve - Solms Training



NAVHDA Natural Ability Test 6-13-09

Prize I - 110 points